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About Ayurveda :

All of us know the story of elephant & 4 blinds. The Ayurveda is seen many a times in the same way. Ayurveda is like an elephant The four blinds are The Ayurvedic Industry, the Ayurvedic Physician – The Vaidyas, the Media, & the Government.

The Ayurvedic Industry (especially O.T.C. Companies) have shown Ayurveda having Products to increase height, reduce weight, expand this part of the body, and reduce this part of the body. Switch on any T.V. Channel, Open any newspaper. You will find all the Ads or articles having products with these claims. Frankly, this is not the Ayurveda that we see as the society.

The Ayurvedic Physicians – Vaidyas they will always insist some particular brand of company however small in size or tenure in the market. On the top of it, they will reject the most popular & oldest brand in the market without giving proper justification. We strongly feel if any Vaidya is not satisfied with the particular brand, in stead of rejecting it on the prescription, he / she should directly converse with the company or the Govt., so as to eliminate confusion in the minds of the patients & to improve the product.

The media - print or electronic always will publish any article – advertisement for the sake of revenue with a clear note at the end saying that they may not agree on the claims published in the articles – advt. But we strongly feel if you are not satisfied with the matter of the article or claims made in the advt., please do not publish them at all in your publication. If you print, you should strongly stand by the writer of the article or company advertising the claims of the product. Finally they are contributing to your balance sheet.

The Government is the final authority in the matter. But in the craze of bringing improvement of the industry, they have started applying the stringencies of Allopathy. This is like presenting Bharat Natyam in Discotheque way. This again is tarnishing the image of Ayurveda in the minds of people. Because, if Chandan or mrugshrung Bhasma which is being used by Ayurveda for last thousands of years & If you want to bring the uniformity in supplies of raw materials, you can bring it at the crop producers, collectors & herbal traders level in stead of banning them.

We have come to the conclusion that the Ayurveda should Serve the poor segment of the society Should have transparency at every step of operation right from production to marketing and handling materials & patients (customers).