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Tryst of Destiny & Quest for the Bliss

The proprietor of the company is Shri Manohar Sadashiv Patwardhan Studied as M.Sc. (Org.Chemistry) with special paper as Drugs Has experience of ayurvedic trading since his childhood Worked for 1 year as Jr.Lecturer in D.G.Ruparel College, Matunga (W), Mumbai. His Father Shri Sadashiv Ganesh Patwardhan,who was successful Ayurvedic Businessman since 1945 as at Patwardhan Bros,Opp.Post Office,Ranade Road, Dadar(W),Mumbai,400028. With inspiration & able Guidance of his Father, he started the company Pat Pharmaceuticals on 16th Feb. 1979.

With this background, Pat Pharmaceuticals was launched with the aim of providing Effective Ayurvedic medicines for all classes of society. In 1979, there was big epidemic spread of Jaundice in Mumbai, with this, the company started with the very effective Liver Tonic, LIVSPLIN Syrup

Eventually, 10 Ayurvedic Medicines were developed & Marketing was started. For period of 2-3 years, the company was also manufacturing & distributing Ayurvedic medicines to Govt. of Maharashtra,

Pat Pharmaceuticals was marketing the Pat Products By all possible methods & ways, then existing viz ethical promotion (i.e. through doctors), Advertising in Newspapers, Magazines & also then new media,T.V. Pat Pharmaceuticals travelled & marketed their Pat Products almost throughout Maharashtra, Goa & North Karnataka. During this period of about 25 years, the proprietor has travelled throughout this area personally trying to know the exact nerve of the market & expectation of the patients. After travelling the entire scenario, Pat Pharmaceuticals came to the conclusion that there was not a one company including Pat Pharmaceuticals as a whole successful in this area & in these 25 years, of course one or two are the exemptions. The Company then started scanning the reasons of this entire scenario of the industry. The company talked almost all the leading Managers & Consultants of the industry including some of the Allopathic Pharma Consultants & worked with some of them exactly as per their advice, but it was all in vain. With strong blessings of the father & persistent hard work, the proprietor continued to work in search of the success.

All of a sudden, he saw a strong ray of hope. After, further working, he came to certain strong conclusions as below:-
   1) The Pat Products were extremely effective & result oriented.
   2) All the industries (other than Ayurvedic) are categorized in three clear compartments financially viz Poor people, Middle Class people, & Rich People.
   3) No Ayurvedic Industry was working with this approach & hence none of the industry was in the heart of the people & hence successfully jumping with profits & results.
   4) The proprietor then scanned the Ayurvedic Practitioners & Ayurveda as a pathy.To his rescue, he saw some strong findings. Thus came the rebirth of Pat Pharmaceuticals.

Pat Pharmaceuticals is now a team of
Proprietor himself,
His wife a successful business woman Mrs. Nayan M. Patwardhan
His daughter Dr. (Mrs.) Priyanka Abhijit Shidhore
Her Father in law Dr. Vivek Shidhore
His son Shri Abhishek the budding computer engineer with a dream to computerize the industry
THE Strong supporter, philosopher & Guide Dr.R.R.Padmawar, the former Ayurvedic Director of the Govt. of Maharashtra,
& last but very important those hundreds of Doctors & hundreds of Medical Shop owner & Distributors without whom it would have been impossible to sustain in such Awkward conditions. Yes, they are company’s strong supporters.