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AMIPAT Tablets
Do You Know that every 3rd Indian is suffering from Amoebiasis?

AMIPAT Tablets :
For Amoebiasis, Watery Stools, Sticky Stools, Mild Intermittent Stomach Pain, Fullness of belly

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Do you know?
Every 3rd Indian is suffering from Amoebiasis.
Please read this information pamphlet, before you suffer from the Amoebiasis.
(Note: - The problems and complaints due to Amoebiasis do not disturb every day life of a patient and hence it is neglected. Thus even with huge existence of this disease, every third patient does not approach doctor with the complaint of Amoebiasis. Remember neglected Chronic Amoebiasis is like Bhasmasur & it may occupy patients’ every day life. To fight & combat such an intensely occurring disease in society, we are directly approaching you.)

What is Amoebiasis?
Externally Amoebiasis means passage of white sticky substance with the sticky stools.

Symptoms of Amoebiasis:-
   1) Passage of small quantity of stools occasionally and patient does not feel bowels clean.
   2) As rightly said above, passage of white sticky substance with the sticky stools.
   3) Flatulence (Fullness of belly) and gases.
   4) Acidity and gases.
   5) Paining of hands & feet without reason.
   6) Some patients get a feeling of passage of stools during the food or immediately after the food.

Does prolonged & accute Amoebiasis affect other organs and systems of the body?
The answer to this is yes. Many patients are suffering from Amoebiasis for years together. Because of which,
   1) Hearing capacity is reduced
   2) Eyesight is reduced or blurred vision.
   3) Teeth and bones become hollow and hence less sturdy.
   4) Loose strength of hand & feet & hence feeling weak.
         Amoeba being very small single cell, if neglected for longer time, transfer from digestive systems to circulatory system (Blood system) and thus the other organs & systems of the body are affected which show the above said side effects.

Who can suffer from or can be carrier of Amoebisis?
    Amoeba does nor differentiates between age, sex, cast, religion and poor-rich And hence it can be found in anybody. In fact everybody suffers from Amoebisis some time in life or everybody has suffered from amoebisis in the past. Only thing is, it is difficult to totally eradicate (as said above external symptoms are prolongedly neglected or the dose and course of medicines are not taken in adequate quantity and period).
    As seen in recent survey, every 3rd Indian suffers or has suffered from amoebisis.
    Man does not die due to amoebisis and his daily routine is not disturbed much or the complaints are tolerable and hence amoebiasis is neglected.
   Fast Food has become today’s Life Style. Even one wada pav - omelet pav or glass full of shurbat or water is enough to develop infection of Amoebisis. Oh yes Burgur, pizza and sandwiches are not exceptions to it. Even Pav-Bhaji, Pulav, Idaly, Dosa sold on the street along with the chutneys, sauces and loaf of bread are more prone to amoebisis. In short, open food and water sold on the street are the main sources of Amoebisis.

What are the obstacles in the control of Amoebisis?
As you know, Amoeba is known to be immortal single cell animal. The main obstacle in controlling amoebisis is his very huge multiplying capacity and in the dangerous situation it forms a very tough shell around it which is heat and chemical resistant.

Thus, Recurrence & Relapse of amoebisis is the main obstacle in controlling the disease.

How Amipat Tablets work in Amoebisis?
Main Ingredients:-
Kutaj, Bael, Rasparpati, Rasot (Aq.Ext. of Daruhalad), Shankha Bhasma
    Rasparpati, Baelghan, and Kutajghan of Amipat tablets are amoebicidal (destroys amoebae) and amoebostatic (controls the multiplying power of amoebae).Further Baelghan reduces stickiness of the stools and control liquidity of the stools.
   Further the percentage of ingredients of Amipat Tablets and the process used in preparing the ingredients and Amipat tablet as a whole are more effective.
    Acidity is always found along with amoebisis and the medicine (Allopathic and ayurvedic) used in amoebisis have acidity as their side effects.
    Further, constant amoebisis means constant acidity which develop small ulcers(Wounds) in the intestine. In such condition the existence of effective antiseptic action of Rasot from Amipat Tablets reduces further complication.
    Acidity is twin sister of amoebisis Shankha bhasma of Amipat tablets is proven medicine of acidity. The existence of gases fullness of belly and stomach ache with acidity is reduced by Shankha bhasma.
    Commonly used allopathic medicine in amoebisis e.g.Metronidazole Tinidazole and other medicine have side effects have hedaque, giddiness, nausea omitting and other disturbances in digestive system. Recent research has shows some of the above medicines have cancer has side effects. Hence, instead of allopathic treatment in amoebisis Amipat tablet trustworthy.
    In the allopathic treatment along with the above medicine enticed,antiflautunant and digestive medicines are also require to use and hence instead of three medicine in on one disease using Amipat tablets is more convinient effective and economic treatment as against allopathic treatment.

Who should take Amipat tablets?
1) The person suffering from amoebisis, sticky stools, fullness of belly ,stomachache should take Amipat tablets.
2) Many a times people take churna(powder),liquid, tablets in the constant complaints of Constipation. Inspite of this they don’t get the feeling of clean bowels in such conditions take Amipat tablets two tablets twice a day for fourteen day’s you will defiantly get the result.
3) In the constant complaint of acidity, people take lot of ayurvedic and allopathic medicine in acidity, but the recurrence of acidity persist in such condition two tablets twice a day for fourteen day’s you will defiantly see the difference.
4) If you eat open street food sometimes and constantly, as preventive measure you should take a 14 days course of Amipat tablets(2 tablets twice days and stay relaxed).
5) If you have tour in job and travelling occagenly you should take 14 days course of Amipat tablets(2 tablets twice day).And yes take precaution in foods and diet hear own words.

How to take Amipat tablets(Dose and course)?
A) In accute complaints in amoebisis

For Adults 2 tablets thrice a day 14 days
And there after 2 tablets thrice a day 14 days
For children(Above 10 years) 2 tablets thrice a day 14 days
And there after 1 tablet thrice a day 14 days

B) As Preventive Measure
For Adults 2 tablets thrice a day 14 days
For Children(Above 10 years) 1 tablets thrice a day 14 days

For effective and speedy result the precautionary measures along with Amipat tablet course
   1) Always insist boiled and filtered water.
   2) Avoid open street food and overnight food.

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